AGM – 8th June 2018

Bath Saracens RFC AGM 2018
Held at The Ram in Widcombe 8th June 2018
Dave Pyles; Jim Biss; Ed Bell; Sam Crowder; Paddy Thomas; Mark Boxall; Owen Swabey; Steve
Hinchliffe; Jamie Navarette; Rob Langan; Jono Sage; Jon Bradley; Alex Carvlin; Danny Hawkins;
Robbie Lawrence; Jack Goodfrend
1. Apologies:
Hugh Sawyer; Graham Johnston; Liam Emmett; John Edwards; Tim Badcock; David
Clubley; Ashley Noakes; Harry Roy; Ben Hopkinson; Sam Collington; Steve Biffen; Alex
Reilly; Mo; Paul Blankley; Steve Hiscox; Tom Fordham.
2. Previous Minutes
3. Secretary’s Report
Opening comments
There were 9 full meetings of the club committee. Business has operated smoothly during the
We competed this season in D&W Division III (North) finishing 6 th – playing a number of teams
strong enough to successfully operate in the Division above. There has been no major change in
the D&W league structure so we will play in the same Division again next year.
Although playing in D&W we continue to be also affiliated to the Somerset and Civil Service
Thanks to Jack Goodfriend for developing a modern version of the club website. Thanks also to
Paddy Thomas for accepting responsibility for its maintenance and update.
A very successful marketing campaign utilising, in part, social media has resulted in a number of
new members joining the club and the re-emergence of some old players.
The season has seen the arrival of a new coaching staff, our thanks to Head Coach Dean Taylor
and Mark Ball for the enthusiasm and skills they have brought to the club this year.
Finally we owe Alex Reilly thanks for the energy he has brought both as Club Captain and in
coordinating a number of club development activities.
Ground and post-match hospitality
We hope to continue to receive sponsorship from the CSSA (Bath) for the costs of playing at the
Sulis Club. Post-match entertainment has once-again been hosted by Graham and Carol at the
Hadley Arms, who continue to provide both a warm welcome and tremendous food.
Training at the Bath Rugby Lambridge Ground has been a great success with in excess of fifteen
players in attendance most weeks. Playing two late season fixtures at the ground has
demonstrated that do have the necessary skills and resource to do so again in the future should
the opportunity arise, albeit requiring the commitment of all members.
International Tickets
Mike York has continued to manage our (small) International Ticket allocation over the last year to
satisfy the member’s requirements.
Social Activities
The club has organised a number of successful social events this year, including a wintry tour of
Devon and culminating in a very successful club dinner. For the first time in many years we also
hosted a touring rugby club Swanley RFC, who were delighted by the reception they received.
Like all clubs and societies Bath Saracens can only continue to exist with a life-blood of new
players joining the team. Whilst we have had a very successful year with many new faces we
have also said goodbye to a number of new and old faces over the season. We cannot pause in
our efforts to grow and retain players and as a club giving the full weight of our support to the
incoming membership secretary and committee with recruitment is necessary.
Future Development
I understand that, for the first time in a number of years, there are a number of candidates
expressing a desire to join the club committee. This is great news for the future of Bath Saracens,
but please remember that you serve for the good of all of the membership and that the risks to the
club associated with change and new activities need to be assessed and managed effectively.
Once the formal part of the AGM is complete, I expect that there will be an opportunity for the
assembled membership to workshop the changes and developments that they would like the club
to explore in the future.
End of Season Awards
Congratulations to:
Most improved player – Jono Sage
Player’s player – Owen Swabey
Captain’s award – Paddy Thomas
Clubman of the year – Dean Taylor
4. Captains Report
Personally, I would say the Sarries’ 2017/18 season was a huge success. After being relegated
the previous season and losing a number of key players over the past 2-3 years, this was very
much a re-building season. After a lot of hard work in the off-season, resulting in 3 new sponsors,
a new coach, training ground and well over 10 new players to mention only a few of the highlights,
we went into the regular season full of confidence and renewed enthusiasm…
Possibly too much confidence. We anticipated that Dorset & Wilts 3 North would be a walk in the
park, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. With a young and inexperienced squad,
we were regularly faced with tough, well-drilled opposition that would have rivalled many teams in
the league above. At times wins were hard to come by, but as the weeks went by individual and
team improvements were easily noticeable. By the end of the season, with the help and tutelage
of the fantastic Dean Taylor and Mark Ball, the Sarries were playing structured and disciplined
rugby against the same teams that had given them such problems at the start of the year.
Somewhere in the middle there was a snowy tour to the coast… and that’s all that will be
mentioned about that.
A mid-table finish might not be considered a success on its own, but for us our final position was
never the key measure of success for this season. Attracting new players, coaches, sponsors and
fostering a renewed sense of enthusiasm, positivity and team-spirt have all been far more
important success stories to us and give us great foundations for the future. It’s now everyone’s
responsibility in the club to take all these success stories and build on them to take the club
forward to bigger and better things. It’s been a pleasure to be the Saracens’ captain this past
season and I would like to thank each and every Saracen for their hard-work, commitment and
delightful company. Let’s keep building together as one family and one club!
5. Treasurers Report
a. Presentation of Report
Unfortunately due to illness the full accounts were unavailable for review. Indications
are that the club has achieved a slight in-year operating surplus and retains an adequate
b. Acceptance of Report
The membership were content to accept the interim report, but instructed the incoming
committee to review and present the full accounts at the earliest opportunity.
c. Opt-out of requirement for full audit.
Under the provisions of RFU Rule 5.1.5(c) the Club agreed to opt out of a formal audit or
examination, by a qualified accountant, of the Club's 2017-18 Annual Financial
Statement. The resolution was passed unanimously.
6. Changes to the Constitution and Rules
a. Section 1 para(c) Change to read:
The officers of the club shall consist of a Chairman, General Secretary, Honorarary
Treasurer, Fixture Secretary, Membership and VP Secretary, Publicity Secretary,
Social Secretary and Team Captains
Prop: E Bell
b. Section 5 General meetings. Proposed that the following section be removed from
the purpose of the meeting:
(iii) To agree annual subscriptions.
Prop: D Pyles
7. Annual Subscriptions
Not required as 6(b) passed.
8. Election of Officers
a. Chairman – Dave Pyles
b. General Secretary – Jim Biss
c. Honorary Treasurer – Mark Boxall
d. Fixture Secretary – Robbie Lawrence
e. Social Secretary – Alex Carvlin
f. Membership and VP Secretary – Owen Swabey
g. Publicity Secretary – Paddy Thomas
h. Captain – Ed Bell
i. General Committee:
i. Steve Hiscox
ii. Steve Hinchliffe
iii. Sam Crowder
iv. Jon Bradley
v. Rob Langan
vi. Jono Sage
9. Any Other Business
The membership recorded their thanks to Alex Reilly for all his hard work over the previous